Avengers star wants to play Animal Crossing in Nintendo's game adaptation

 The Nintendo game series Animal Crossing has been popular with fans since 2001. What started with a deep passion turned into a cooperation for a special Avengers star. Of course, participating in a film is not far off! Here are the details of the deal. Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson told Elle that life had been part of her life since childhood. Playing with her sister on the GameCube was an integral part of the children's room. This made little Brie part of the million people around the video game Animal Crossing. She also regularly expressed her enthusiasm on Twitter. It was so well received by the console and game manufacturer that the Japanese company launched an advertising campaign with her.

Since then, Brie Larson has officially been on the side of her favorite game. The Hollywood actors were even allowed to play the latest part of New Horizons on the Switch before the release. She was very pleased about this and was able to test the game extensively before the rush really started. As a delicacy, she also immediately revealed that she was definitely on hand to film Animal Crossing to take on a role in the film.
Not so far-fetched, because there was an animated movie from the video game universe back in 2006, which was mainly released in the home country of Japan. It will be some time before we experience Captain Marvel as a cute character. After all, New Horizons must first be gambled extensively.

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