Cathy Hummels makes you fit on TV

 Germany is under stress. sixx ensures mental and physical balance: From April 2, 2020, sixx viewers in "Train My Body" with Cathy Hummels will start the day relaxed: Every Monday to Friday at 08:40, the influencer invites you to a yoga class in front of your home screen a. Authentic, cheerful and sympathetic, it guides you through a wide range of body and breathing exercises and enables beginners in particular to get started with the feel-good workout for body and mind. "Train My Body" is based on the "Yoga Shape & Balance Рby Cathy Hummels" program.
Immediately afterwards at 9:10 am, the memory athlete and author Christiane Stenger in "Train My Brain" takes on all of our black holes in terms of basic and general knowledge: What was an algorithm again? How does foehn weather develop? Where does the electricity come from? Christiane Stenger fills knowledge gaps in both adults and teenagers in an understandable and entertaining way.
Wiebke Schodder, General Manager sixx: "We are all trapped somewhere between home office, homeschooling and camp freak. And that can sometimes be exhausting. That is why we want to counteract this stress with 'Train My Body' and 'Train My Brain' on sixx I am very pleased that the licensors Gymondo, Simpleclub and Redseven supported us so quickly and easily with this project. I think it is fantastic that Cathy Hummels and Christiane Stenger are also on board. "
"Train My Body" and "Train My Brain" – from April 2, 2020, Monday to Friday from 8:40 a.m. on sixx.

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