Chelsea talents better than BVB flirting Bellingham

BVB is said to have won the battle for the next great talent from England. According to "Sport Bild" the change from Jude Bellingham to Borussia Dortmund is already perfect. However, other sources contradict this report. One thing is clear: the black and yellow are not the only interested parties. What is the current status in poker around the 16-year-old talent? What news is there? An overview of all developments:
BVB drives in Bellingham-Poker "at sight" Bellingham transfer to BVB "questionable"? BVB offers more than ManUnitedBellingham gives FC Bayern a basketPhotos from visit to Manchester United showed Blues advised against looking after Birmingham City's 16-year-old Jew Bellingham. If you look at the youngsters from your own talent pool, you have to conclude that the Londoners are already better than the midfielder. For Bellingham, it must be about getting as much game practice as possible. "It is really important that he goes to a club where he plays week after week. This is the only way he can improve and tap the potential that lies dormant in him," Sinclair told "". 09:51 am Jew Bellingham is still considered a hot topic in BVB's transfer plans, should there be a bid for the 16-year-old midfielder from Birmingham City, the Borussia will not go to the limit. "Sport1" reports that Manchester United flashed down in the winter with an offer of 23 million euros and an annual salary of five million euros and is certain that the Dortmund team would not pay these prices.31.03.2020, 11:43 a.m.Although the transfer planning Due to the corona crisis at Borussia Dortmund, the move from Jude Bellingham to BVB seems to be on the right track. Only the signature of the 16-year-old talent from Birmingham City is still missing, reports "Bild". The transfer, like Thomas Meunier's move from Paris Saint-Germain to the black and yellow team, therefore belongs almost certainly to the category. 29.03.2020, 10:21 a.m.Borussia Dortmund's managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke has scarcely left his hands on the upcoming transfer questions When asked about "Bild", how the state of poker is about Jude Bellingham, the BVB boss said: "We also drive on sight! It is now – regardless of names that we never discuss publicly – really not the right one Time to talk about transfer fees and transfers, as sports director Michael Zorc and license player manager Sebastian Kehl also know. "Lastly, it was said that the black and yellow could have fallen behind in the courtship for the young Englishman. With Manchester United, a heavyweight from the Premier League is currently in pole position. 26.03.2020, 9:10 am The chances of a transfer from Jude Bellingham to BVB continue to decrease. After "WAZ" reported earlier in the week that the deal could burst given the financial "Corona damage", "Sky" now writes that Manchester United is doing everything it can to convince the teenager to move to Old Trafford. Manchester has been in contact with Bellingham's Birmingham club for months. The United officials hope that this great interest has left an impression on the English. The fact that the English record champions are now increasingly relying on young players and young talents to play in the Premier League should be a further plus in million-dollar poker, but Manchester United also knows about the interest of other clubs. Nevertheless, the hope of a transfer is high. 24.03.2020, 09:33 am According to the "WAZ", the most recent transfer from Jude Bellingham to Borussia Dortmund is by no means certain – on the contrary, according to the newspaper close to the club, spectacular obligations could arise due to the Corona – There will be no epidemic this summer. Whether BVB wants to afford the 16-year-olds in the current, difficult economic situation is "questionable". After all, according to various media reports, the black and yellow would have to put between 25 and 30 million euros on the table in order to set off the youngster from Birmingham City. In addition, it was recently said that Manchester United Bellingham offers an annual salary of five million euros – a sum that Borussia would probably not be willing to pay. Michael Zorc recently warned fans and managers in the "kicker" of a losing streak in transfer questions: " This summer will be unpleasant, "said the sports director. 03/23/2020, 8:02 a.m.Who is the race for England teenager Jude Bellingham? According to "kicker", the list of clubs that show interest in the Birmingham City professional is long: Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Everton FC, Leicester City, Chelsea FC – and just Borussia Dortmund. According to the report, BVB should even be in 2019 on the 16-year-old. Recently it was said that the district club still had good cards in the race for the midfielder. The "kicker" also gave an estimate of how much money had to be transferred to the English second division team. Below a sum of 15 million euros, no one has to bid, including any bonus payments, ultimately around 30 million euros are due. Manchester United was flashed in the winter with an offer of over 23 million euros. 22.03.2020, 12:11 PM In poker for youngster Jude Bellingham from Birmingham City, a duel between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United seems to be crystallizing more and more. The "Mirror" now reveals information that should have a decisive impact on the transfer. The newspaper confirms that ManUnited and BVB are clearly ahead of the competition FC Bayern and FC Chelsea, but the Borussia expect better chances. The simple reason: the offer of the black and yellow should outperform that of the Red Devils. In addition to the probably very well-funded contract, BVB Birmingham would have to pay a hefty fee for the 16-year-old. "Mirror" has already reported at least 16.5 million euros. Any bonus payments could increase this amount to around 33 million euros. 19.03.2020, 6:47 am The poker around Jude Bellingham becomes a duel! The "Daily Star" wants to know exclusively that BVB and Manchester United make up the race among themselves. The youngster has decided to reject offers from Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City, the paper writes. The "Sport Bild" had previously reported that Bellingham had long since canceled FC Bayern. The biggest plus for BVB is the fact that the black and yellow will almost certainly play in the Champions League next season. The English record champions, as the current fifth in the Premier League, are still worried about their qualification for the premier class, and the willingness of the Dortmund team to give young talents a lot of playtime is said to have made a big impression at Bellingham. Manchester United, on the other hand, scores on another level. The Red Devils are said to offer Bellingham an entry-level salary of five million euros per year. A sum that BVB will certainly not guarantee the teenager. 18.03.2020, 07:31 am Good news for Borussia Dortmund! "Sport Bild" wants to know that the reports that Jude Bellingham has canceled the BVB and instead switch to the German record champions FC Bayern Munich are not true. On the contrary: Bellingham had already canceled Bavaria "a few weeks ago" and have the desire to play for Dortmund in the new season, it is said. 03/15/2020, 9:09 a.m.Borussia Dortmund is facing a tough bid to promote England talent Jude Bellingham Fight with permanent competitor FC Bayern, reports the "Mirror". Accordingly, the Munich team not only entered the race for the 16-year-old. They are also in agreement with the midfielder's employer, the transfer fee should amount to at least 16.5 million euros, but could increase to around 33 million euros through bonus payments. But the BVB also wants to accept this demand, the newspaper continues: In addition to the Bundesliga duo, according to the report, Manchester United and Chelsea have also agreed with the second division side from Birmingham. Jude Bellingham is now spoiled for choice, it is said that the direction of the 16-year-old is not certain. Most recently, he and his parents visited the Manchester United training grounds. Previously, it was said that BVB would win the player for itself. 11/03/2020, 3:00 p.m. In the bidding for Jude Bellingham, more solvent competition is getting ready for BVB. Chelsea FC should deal intensively with a commitment by the youngster, reports "Manchester Evening News". Since Frank Lampard has been head coach for the blues, young games are increasingly getting the chance to prove themselves in the Premier League. The team will continue to be peppered with aspiring stars in the future. The profile of the 16-year-old therefore fits perfectly into the planning at Stamford Bridge, it is said. The race for the England international could now develop into a three-way battle between Dortmund, Manchester United and Chelsea. In addition, "Manchester Evening News" reports that the transfer fee for the Birmingham talent should be even higher than previously thought. While there was previously talk of around 35 million euros, it is now conceivable that the club will charge the equivalent of 57 million euros. 09.03.2020, 18:24 o'clock hurt, BVB: The transfer of Jude Bellingham, which was actually believed to be safe, could still be on the home straight still fail. On Monday, images appeared on the net that showed the youngster with his parents on the training grounds of Manchester United, the Red Devils are considered the main competitor of the Dortmund, whose pole position in the bid for Bellingham suddenly appears to be at risk. United's vice boss Ed Woodward left the parking lot shortly after the coveted teenager. Before that, he is said to have personally led Bellingham across the pompous grounds. 03/06/2020, 1:30 p.m. What is the status of poker around Bellingham? The English "transfer expert" Duncan Castles is said to be at the source and said in the "Reach's Transfer Window Podcast": "I was told that Bellingham really likes the Dortmund offer. He sees what she [der BVB] does with young people Jadon Sancho is of course the best example. "The fact that Dortmund is willing to quickly bring young players into the first team has also convinced Jude Bellingham. "I hear that he's about to reach an agreement with Borussia Dortmund. I've also heard that Birmingham has given BVB permission to speak to the player, but I've also heard that the clubs are not yet on were able to agree a transfer fee. "According to Castles, Manchester United made two requests to Bellingham in January – and both flashed off. However, according to the "transfer expert", the Red Devils are not the only club showing interest in the midfielder's commitment. "Arsenal also scouted him extensively. I was told that there were also offers from Aston Villa, Leicester City, Chelsea and Everton. However, these offers were all declined in January." March 5th, 2020, 7:20 pm Is the wish for the "new Sancho" in the BVB jersey? Manchester United are reportedly not giving up in the fight for Jude Bellingham and will continue to do everything they can to convince the youngster to move to Old Trafford. According to "The Athletic" United is still in negotiations with Bellingham. The bosses of the English record champion are therefore working flat out on a commitment of the youngster and are said to be in the "final phase". 05/03/2020, 8:15 AM Does BVB Jude Bellingham make his new record transfer? While "Sport Bild" writes a transfer fee of 35 million euros, "The Athletic" reports "only" 29 million euros. The "Ruhr Nachrichten" in turn write of "a kind of training allowance" instead of a club-internal record transfer. The newspaper only suspects that this compensation would "certainly not be cheaper" than the seven million euros that BVB transferred to Manchester City for Jadon Sancho two years ago. 04.03.2020, 2:00 p.m. "kicker" also reports on BVB's interest in Bellingham. And here too it is said that there have already been contacts between the parties. According to the specialist journal, the transfer is not yet on the home stretch, and in April 2019 Bellingham's adviser was invited to the stadium in Dortmund. At that time the youngster did not want to leave his home club yet, reports the "kicker". 03/04/2020, 7:05 am According to "Sport Bild", BVB has secured the next English super talent. As the paper reports, the Dortmunders agree with youngster Jude Bellingham from the second division side Birmingham City about a change. In order to lure the midfielder to Dortmund, the black and yellow allegedly dig deep into their pockets and offer a transfer fee of 35 million euros. British media had previously reported on a possible deal and had spoken of similar sums. Previously, the English second division club is said to have rejected an offer of 29 million euros from Manchester United. BVB's interest is not only considered to be securitized, but has also been known for some time. The Dortmund officials are said to have kept an eye on the teenager since 2018.

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