Corona crisis: Police report violations of contact block throughout Germany

In large parts of Germany, people went outside on weekends when the weather was nice – not everyone adhered to the contact block. Nationwide, the police stations reported violations of the pandemic regulations and sometimes violent resistance against officials. At the same time, the police stepped up controls in many parts of the country.

The Greens interior expert Irene Mihalic warned the police against overstating the measures given the nationwide controls. "The implementation of the measures is causing strange blossoms in some places, for example when park visitors are driven home, so that the security officers can use door-to-door comparisons to determine whether the people who are gathered actually live in the same household or have violated the ban on contact," she wrote in a position paper the editorial network Germany (RND) quoted. The rules for containment of the virus had a high acceptance, continued Mihalic. What is often missing, however, is a clear framework for action for the police and law enforcement agencies: "There must not be the slightest doubt that it is only a question of ensuring the protection against infection that is essential for survival, and not of gradually and gradually gaining a new or long-established understanding of government to establish. "

"Please pay attention to the rules" Bayern, on the other hand, largely complied with the exit restrictions, according to police. Walkers and recreational athletes were out in the fresh air in the beautiful spring weather, but they either stayed alone or spent time with their partner or family members. The police in Munich reported that between Saturday and Sunday morning, with a good 9,000 checks, a little more than 370 violations. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) made an urgent appeal to all citizens in the Free State on Sunday: "If you look out: That Weather is great. And I totally understand that it pushes you out, "he said in a video message on the short message service Twitter. But: "Please pay attention to the rules." Otherwise the successes that already exist would be endangered.
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