Corona virus: thousands of Germans are allowed to leave New Zealand

Thousands of foreigners trapped in New Zealand due to the Coronavirus crisis, including many Germans, will be able to leave the Pacific on Friday. The Wellington government, which had initially stopped return flights, announced a plan to do so. This will enable the "safe and orderly departure of tens of thousands", said Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

"It is clear that many foreign citizens who have traveled here do not have the resources or opportunities to isolate themselves and therefore want to return home," he said. The plan allows other governments to organize return flights. The health requirements of New Zealand would have to be observed, however, and tourists and foreigners returning should also be able to move within the country if they had a confirmed flight. Additional flights between New Zealand and Europe should also be allowed, Peters continued. So far, one corona fatality in New Zealand In New Zealand, about 12,000 Germans are stuck, more than anywhere else to be able to. The Federal Foreign Office launched the return campaign from New Zealand on Saturday with a first flight. All other planned flights were then surprisingly canceled.

New Zealand also has strict exit restrictions due to the spread of the corona virus. So far there are 797 confirmed diseases with the lung disease Covid-19, one person died from the consequences.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas launched a return campaign in mid-March for thousands of Germans who are stuck abroad due to travel restrictions in the corona crisis. He announced that he would make up to 50 million euros available. The Federal Foreign Office has agreed a "one-time program" to bring tourists back with commercial flight providers such as Lufthansa. The SPD politician spoke of an "airlift".
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