Coughing and lacking in appetite: Tiger infected with coronavirus

              It rarely happens that animals get Covid-19. Now there is another case: A tiger in a New York zoo has apparently contracted a keeper. The virus is not likely to be life-threatening for him.
              In a zoo in New York, a tiger has tested positive for the novel corona virus. The four-year-old tiger lady Nadia in the Bronx Zoo was allegedly infected by a keeper, said the Wildlife Conservation Society responsible for the administration of the city's zoological gardens. The nurse had shown no symptoms of the virus when he continued to work. Nadia belongs to the genus of the Malaysia tiger. Her sister Azul, two Siberian tigers and three African lions in the Bronx zoo also reported possible symptoms of the coronavirus. They suffered from a dry cough and poor appetite. However, the Wildlife Conservation Society was confident that the big cats and lions will recover completely. The tigers are doing well, they are "lively" and in lively contact with their carers. It is not known how the coronavirus affects the organism of big cats, the organization explained. The animals would therefore be closely watched. The corona pandemic is said to have arisen from the transfer of the pathogen from a wild animal to one or more people in a market in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. Since then, several cases have become known in which the pathogen is thought to have jumped from humans to animals. For example, two dogs in Hong Kong and one domestic cat in Belgium tested positive for the corona virus. In the US east coast metropolis of New York, all four zoos are closed due to the corona virus. The megacity is the most affected by the pandemic in the country. More than 4,150 people have died there from Covid-19, a lung disease caused by the virus.

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