ESC 2020: These are the replacement shows with the winner of the heart

 The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam is canceled Рlong live the Eurovision Song Contest! On two Saturday evenings, the NDR offers everything that makes the ESC so unique Рgreat songs and feelings, glamor and the choice to win the heart. In addition, the first shows the international Eurovision show "Europe Shine A Light" and the ESC final 2010 from Oslo, in which Lena won the Grand Prix with "Satellite". In the first of the two German ESC shows, Dennis and Benni Wolter, the hosts of the funk format "World Wide Living Room", with the support of Peter Urban, present all 41 participants of this year's ESC with their music videos. In addition, as in the international ESC, viewers can get to know the artists in short clips. Afterwards, all viewers are invited to choose their favorites online or by televoting. They are supported by the one-hundred-member Eurovision jury from Germany, which had already chosen German participant Ben Dolic with his song "Violent Thing" in the winter. You can also watch his video, but the German participant is not available. The ten most successful acts make it to the finals. The "World Wide Living Room Рthe ESC Semifinals 2020" starts on Saturday, May 9th, at 8:15 p.m. in ONE, in the ARD media library, on the Internet on, the YouTube channel of "World Wide Living Room" and at eurovision .de.
In "Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Рthe German finale live from the Elbphilharmonie", Barbara Schöneberger will be presenting the ten ESC participants who received the most votes in the semifinals on Saturday, May 16, at 8:15 p.m. There are also recordings of the most beautiful, the most touching and the most terrible appearances of these countries from the past 64 years of ESC history. Peter Urban and Michael Schulte comment. Live performances by some of these ten finalists on the stage of the Elbphilharmonie promise special highlights. In addition, Ben Dolic, who would have actually performed for Germany at the ESC in Rotterdam this year, will sing his song "Violent Thing" Рhis performance is as close as possible to the staging as it should have been in the ESC final in Rotterdam . In a classic voting, the viewers decide who will be the German hearts winner at the ESC 2020. As in the actual ESC, the German contribution is not available here either. During the voting Michael Schulte sings among others.
Afterwards at 10 p.m. the ESC evening continues with the program "Europe Shine A Light": The live show from Hilversum in the Netherlands honors all those who would have performed at the ESC in Rotterdam this year. Peter Urban and Michael Schulte also comment here. In the 120 minutes there are gigs across the entire continent, lots of music and some surprise appearances by former ESC participants. The Elbphilharmonie will also be broadcast. The moderators are Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit, who would also have guided through the ESC programs. With the "Europe Shine a Landmark" campaign within the program, a sight from Germany will be illuminated.
From midnight the first shows a big historic ESC final – the "Eurovision Song Contest 2010". Ten years ago, viewers in Europe had Lena in their hearts with "Satellite" and chose her as the winner. will also broadcast the entire ESC evening on May 16. This year's ESC in Rotterdam had been canceled for corona prevention.

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