Great Britain: Boris Johnson reveals sensitive data via tweet for video conference

Not only the relatively lax handling of the escalating corona pandemic has brought much criticism to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Now he has also made a safety margin: Johnson posted the screenshot of a video conference with his ministers and consultants on Twitter on Tuesday. Several details such as the conference identification number and the login names of several participants were shown.

"I chaired the first digital cabinet meeting this morning," said Johnson proudly. The tweet is still available. The UK government met with Zoom video conferencing software, which many companies and individuals also use, and the prime minister is currently living in isolation because he, like several of his advisors and politicians from his area, has contracted the corona virus. Johnson is said to have only mild symptoms.

Zoom conferences can be password-protected against unwanted access. Nevertheless, experts warn against disclosing data such as the identification number and login name. "In the worst case, the conference identification number (ID) is reused, is not password-protected, and a listener can connect," said Jonathan Knudsen of the US software company Synopsis.

A government spokesman said the conference was password protected and the ID would not be used again. The UK Department of Defense recently banned the use of the software for its employees until further notice due to security concerns, according to PA.
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