Greenland Trailer: End of the World with Straight Butler

 Maybe you still remember darkly that Avengers star Chris Evans should actually play the main role in the end-time action flick Greenland. Now, however, we see Mr. Gladiator Gerard Butler in a doomsday scenario, instead of the planned Captain America. We will show you how this came about and the first trailer for the new disaster film here.
In Greenland, numerous celestial bodies make their way directly to Earth. The impacts of the first heralds cause panic around the world. While the media show a picture of the destruction with high pressure waves, millions of dead have already been mourned. But the worst arrival of a comet is yet to come in this world.
In the midst of the scenario of fear, a family man struggles for survival with his loved ones. The entire suburban settlement is following the news as a whirling dust cloud reaches its idyllic little place. Now it's all about finding protection. More and more glowing material falls from the sky. How can there be a way out?
Exciting hanger with which the first trailer to Greenland leaves us. However, Gerard Butler was not the first choice in the leading role. With the start of the project, Captain America actor Chris Evans was to fight for survival against the stones from space. That was when District 9 director Neill Blomkamp was in the executive chair. When he was no longer part of the team, Chris Evans also disappeared from the cast. We'll see who took the role. And that does it pretty well, as far as we can judge the first scenes.
The new catastrophe film with Gerard Butler is reminiscent of the end-time mood ala San Andreas, 2012 or of course Depp Impact. Are you curious enough? Then check out the first trailer for Greenland in our video player. A US theatrical release was once announced for June, but is doubtful given the Corona crisis. Unfortunately, we have to wait a bit until the action film hits the cinemas.

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