Hobbs And Shaw 2: Fast And Furious sequel is coming

 Fast And Furious fans have had to deal with a bitter disappointment recently. The corona virus caused the start of the ninth part of the cult series to be postponed. But now there is good news for everyone who liked the offshoot Hobbs & Shaw. Because, as has now become known, the film gets a sequel. We'll tell you what we already know about it here. The Fast And Furious offshoot Hobbs & Shaw was a great success in 2019. The spin-off raised over $ 160 million in America. Worldwide revenue totaled more than $ 750 million. The film was not able to match the huge success of the Fast And Furious films. However, it quickly became clear that the chances of another part were very good.
Now we have finally the confirmation that we will see Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw again as an unbeatable team. The news comes from Hobbs actor Dwayne Johnson himself. In a Q&A on Instagram (via Screenrant), the ex-wrestler confirms that the first work is already underway. Previously there were discussions about the film, now the project seems to finally get going according to the star: "We are now working on the next part, the next [Hobbs & Shaw] and I am very excited."
In the first film, Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw had to pull together to fight a common enemy. The terrorist Brixton made life difficult for them because he wanted to steal a virus called snowflake. After initial difficulties, the two finally worked together and were able to avert the evil. What action we can expect in Hobbs & Shaw 2 has not yet been revealed. Hopefully we will learn more about the evil director, who seems to be pulling the strings in the background.
Before that, we can look forward to the blockbuster Fast And Furious 9, which is due to be released in April 2021. You can now find the trailer for this in our video player below.

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