Home theater: The most popular films on Netflix

 Netflix not only regularly releases series, but also new films. The streaming giant offers all users a very large selection. It can quickly happen that you lose track of things. So that you don't miss the highlights, we present them to you in this list. Here are the most popular films currently available on Netflix. First place in the top 10 in Germany is the disturbing horror flick Der Schacht. If you like to eat comfortably in front of the TV, you should avoid this habit with this film. Because the Spanish hit hit does not shy away from many brutal and disturbing scenes that not every viewer can just put away. We are in a dystopian future in which prisoners live in cells stacked on top of each other. Those who live in the upper and privileged cells can look forward to a large feast. However, each level below has to come to terms with the remains of its predecessors.
The deeper you go, the more brutal and hungry the inhabitants of the cells are. Anyone who does not want to go hungry is faced with a disturbing decision: either you are satisfied with what you get from the upper levels or you feed your other cellmates. The prisoner Goreng aims to fight against the barbaric system. Together with another inmate, he wants to share the top-level dining table with the lower prisoners. A plan that turns out to be a real nightmare for everyone involved.
If you prefer something with a sense of humor at the moment, Spenser Confidential is your money's worth. In it, the main character Spenser (Mark Wahlberg) almost reached the end of his time in prison.
Before that, however, he receives a threatening message from his cellmates. He should leave Boston as soon as possible, which Spenser also intends to do. However, when he is released from prison, he finds that he has gotten into a conspiracy theory. Together with his new roommate Hawk (Winston Duke) and his ex-girlfriend Cissy (Iliza Schlesinger), Spenser has to get to the bottom of the case. Here are an overview of the current top 10 Netflix films in Germany:
The most popular films on Netflix: 1. The shaft
2. Until doom
3. Your home is mine
4th day
5. Jim Knopf And Lukas The Engine Driver
6. Was Dogs
7. Proud Mary
8. Spenser Confidential
9. Isi & Ossi
10. Making Of Unorthodox
Which of these films are you most interested in? You can now find the trailer for Spenser Confidential in our player. Just click in to start the video.

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