How RB Leipzig wants to prevent the Upamecano change to Bayern

In recent months, rumors have spread that center-back Dayot Upamecano could leave his previous employer RB Leipzig in the summer and join FC Bayern . However, the signs seem to have changed due to the corona crisis.

So the "kicker" reports of a possible rethink at Upamecano. Up until a few weeks ago, the RB bosses had assumed that the Frenchman would go out of the way after the season. A fixed transfer fee of 60 million euros is enshrined in his contract, which expires in 2021.

Due to the financial losses of all professional clubs in the wake of the corona crisis, the international transfer market is facing a turning point. Leipzig's sports director Markus Krösche also knows that. "Such sums are unlikely, at least this summer, you have to honestly say so," said the 39-year-old in an interview with the "kicker" less money would be given or there would still be a year and then free transfer.Extension instead of switching to FC Bayern? Both scenarios do not please those responsible. They secretly hope to be able to convince their top defender of an extension. So far, both parties had not come together. Manager Krösche knows about the sporting value of Upamecano, who is said to have drawn attention to FC Barcelona in addition to FC Bayern. Despite his tender age, the 21-year-old already has a lot of experience at the highest level, and Leipzig now relies on the time factor. He had previously helped Timo Werner: The German international was also seen as a safe departure last year, but stayed in the end. "This is a far-reaching decision for a player, he should take his time for that. I'm not a friend of it, Pressure to build up, "says Krösche. Upamecano must now be clear" what exactly he intends to do, how he sees his future. Perhaps that has changed a bit as a result of the new situation. "

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