LIVE blog on the corona crisis: BVB and FC Bayern Munich face mega loss

The corona virus strangles the entire globe. Professional football is also feeling the far-reaching protective measures – several events have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19. follows the latest developments related to the Corona crisis in the live blog.
DFB President announces "kick-off with a sense of proportion" Bobic expects unemployed players, pressure on Wagner grows, loss of millions despite ghost games fears Corona virus drives Müller's extension at Bayern ahead South Korean soccer star Heung-Min Son has signed up for three weeks of basic military training in his homeland. He was in service at a training camp for marine soldiers on the southern holiday island of Jeju, the national news agency "Yonhap" reported. Tottenham Hotspur's 27-year-old striker is taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic break in the English Premier League to train, and because he won the gold medal with his country at the 2018 Asian Games, Son was released from regular military service in South Korea takes 21 to 24 months, depending on the type of weapon. +++ 04/20/2020, 12:12 p.m .: UEFA boss warns +++ UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin faces a very late end to the currently interrupted season in the coronavirus crisis "There is no specific deadline. We are exploring different options for when the competitions could end, always based on the dates and when it starts again," said the head of the European Football Union to the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera". However, completing the season between September and October or later is very difficult. "That would have a major impact on the 2020/21 season calendar," said Ceferin. UEFA has given national leagues priority to end their seasons, with all Champions League and Europa League matches postponed "until further notice". Most recently, Ceferin emphasized that the winners in the European Cup should be chosen before September. UEFA had also postponed the European Championship to 2021 by a year, and the international matches scheduled for June had initially been postponed without a new date. However, he continues to expect national teams to play again in September, Ceferin said, with UEFA discussing how to deal with the corona crisis in several video conferences this week. The 55 UEFA member associations and club football representatives will join forces on Tuesday, and the UEFA Executive Committee will discuss the current situation on Thursday. The government of the continental association can also make a possible decision about possible new dates for the continuation of the European Cup. +++ April 20, 2020, 10:39 am: DFB President on special role +++ DFB President Fritz Keller has a "kick-off with a sense of proportion "Announced in German football. The 63-year-old boss of the largest professional sports association in the world wrote in a contribution for the" kicker ", among other things, that football does not claim a special role in the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic," even if some with an eye come to this conclusion from the outside ". Keller emphasized that possible tests for athletes would under no circumstances be at the expense of other areas. "This is ensured by our team of internal and external medical experts who are currently tirelessly fighting for football." The DFB boss confirmed: "Professional football will be ready as soon as the authorities give the green light to return to the pitch and first of all to the living room." The 36 professional clubs of the German Football League will advise the rest on April 23 Action. Game operations are currently at least until April 30th. After the federal and state governments had banned major events until August 31, the association and clubs are aiming to continue the season with ghost games. Keller emphasized that at the moment it is no longer possible to fight together ", that the many football players in every city and Find the best possible conditions in every village in Germany, from the Bundesliga to the district league – but to ensure that the ball can roll again at all ". Perhaps the most original task has never been as topical as today: "lobbying for our approximately 25,000 clubs, for our more than seven million members." The President of the German Football Association also emphasized the performance of sport and football specifically for the common good. Both would know how to help each other, "but politicians shouldn't leave them to their own devices," he emphasized. +++ 04/20/2020, 09:51 a.m .: Italy boss tightened the tone +++ Italy's association president Gabriele Gravina has tightened the tone in his struggle to restart Serie A. "There are two philosophies: some think that the whole sport has to be stopped. The others think that the season should continue. I don't want to be the gravedigger of Italian football. I have a duty to defend the football world," said Gravina, according to Italian media. The sports manager admitted that he is currently experiencing a "drama": "If football does not restart, it will have serious negative effects for its future. Football must be viewed like any other economic sector, it generates one Turnover of five billion euros ". Gravina expressed the hope that the situation in Italy would relax by June and then the negative effects of the pandemic would be less. He has submitted a protocol to the Italian government with measures that clubs want to take to protect their footballers. "We are waiting for this protocol to be approved," said Gravina. Italy is one of the most affected countries in the world, with over 23,000 coronavirus deaths, while Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza, like Gravina, is hoping to restart Serie A soon, but warns against hasty decisions. "I am a big football fan, but with more than 400 fatalities in Italy every day, football is honestly the last problem we should take care of. I say that with the utmost respect. I love football, but people have lives Priority, "said the Minister in an interview with" Radio Capital "on Monday:" Italy has other priorities today. We are working to normalize everyday life. However, our priority now is to save lives, "said Speranza. +++ 20.04 .2020, 07:50 am: Bobic expects unemployed players +++ Eintracht Frankfurt's sports director Fredi Bobic sees the Bundesliga well on track to continue the season despite the corona virus pandemic. In an interview with the specialist magazine "kicker", he praised in connection with this, the work of the German Football League (DFL) and its boss Christian Seifert. "Overall, a package is being worked out on what games can look like without a spectator istian Seifert is a top job at the top, "said the 48-year-old. Even if the Bundesliga would be continued soon, Bobic expects the ghost games to have devastating effects:" The big wave is yet to come. I am expecting a lot of unemployed players whose contracts are now expiring. "More on this here. +++ 20.04.2020, 07:25 am: fifth division sends players to the construction site +++ The Bavarian fifth division SV Donaustauf has during the corona crisis found an unusual temporary job for some of his soccer players in Leipzig. Since the beginning of April, three of the club's footballers from nearby Regensburg have been tearing down walls or putting rubble into a container on a construction site in Saxony. "At some point the ceiling literally falls on your head, and then it was my idea to say: If you want to get out, you can work and earn some extra time, "said sports director Matthias Klemens of the" German Press Agency ". The 48-year-old owns a company for renovation and monument protection and has Sasha Diakiese, Kevin Rääbis and Abulai Dabo have accepted the unusual offer of SV Donaustauf on its construction sites +++ 20.04.2020, 07:18: Holzhäuser advises on "investor model" +++ Bayer Leverkusen former managing director Wolfgang Holzhäuser advocates a rethinking in the soccer Bundesliga in view of the financial problems of several clubs due to the Corona crisis The 70-year-old spoke in a guest post for the specialist magazine "kicker" in favor of increased engagement by investors. "As is known, there is always an opportunity in the crisis. And the clubs of professional football should use them to put their funding on a long-term, thus more solid and broader basis, "wrote Holzhäuser." The "investor model" is almost ideal because it minimizes dependencies and guarantees a broader range Basis enables. "More about this here. +++ 04/20/2020, 07:03: Pressure on Wagner at S04 is growing +++ Due to the financial problems of the Bundesliga club Schalke 04 due to the corona crisis, coach David Wagner feels more pressure." In this situation, sporting success is all the more important, "said the coach of the royal blue in an interview with the newspapers of the" Funke Media Group ". The Schalke board had repeatedly spoken of an" existential situation "because of the forced break. The Gelsenkirchener are currently sixth in the table More on this here. +++ 04/20/2020, 06:21: BVB, FC Bayern and Co. are expecting a mega loss +++ ghost games are currently valid as the most promising way to restart the German Bundesliga. However, the games in front of empty ranks would still leave a big hole in the box office of the German House of Lords. RB Leipzig expects to lose at least 50 million euros if large events are banned until the end of the year due to the corona pandemic of this period of time are therefore eliminated. The "kicker" reports. At FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, this sum would "turn out to be significantly higher" due to the larger stadiums. However, ghost games are probably the smallest evil. A possible end of the season would be a catastrophe with irreparable consequences for "many clubs." +++ 20.04.2020, 05:55: Did Müller stay with Bayern due to the corona virus? +++ In the middle of the corona crisis, Bayern veteran Thomas Müller extended his contract with the German record champions until the end of June 2023. According to "kicker", this was also a consequence of the pandemic. The 30-year-old, who is said to have aroused the interest of Chelsea, has also not moving to England, as he should have doubted whether the island's health system is up to the challenges. +++ 19.04.2020, 9:10 p.m .: Roma stars waive four months' salary +++ Die AS Roma professionals waive four months' salary because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Italian first division club announced that the coaching team led by head coach Paulo Fonseca had also volunteered to help the club through the "economic crisis" that "swept through the world of football", the Roma said. The players also paid and coaches therefore the difference in the actually reduced salary of club employees who receive state support because of the crisis. The players themselves offered to waive the salaries for March, April, May and June. In the event that the season continues and ends, a kind of bonus system has been agreed depending on the achievement of sporting goals. Individual agreements with the players and coaches should be made "in the coming weeks". +++ 19.04.2020, 20: 35: 00: Brescia boss refuses to restart Serie A +++ President Massimo Cellino of the Italian first division club Brescia Calcio has repeatedly spoken out strictly against the resumption of play in Serie A. "League boss De Siervo called and asked me whether we are ready to play on neutral grass, "the 63-year-old told the Italian sports newspaper" Tuttosport "." I told him that I am not ready to play anywhere. The season must end here and we can certainly not going beyond June 30. I hear people are talking about September or October, it's insane, "Cellino said. Former president of Leeds United and Cagliari Calcio was in quarantine for three weeks after a positive corona test. +++ April 19, 2020, 7:44 pm: FSV Mainz 05 prepared for crisis +++ FSV Mainz 05 is good in the corona virus pandemic, according to its commercial director Jan Lehmann "We would be prepared for anything with our drastic cost-cutting measures, and we could cope with every scenario economically without layoffs!" said the 49-year-old to "Bild". This applies to an end of the season, a continuation with or without a spectator and regardless of the league membership, so the club saves by reducing the salaries of players, coaches, the board and other executives, short-time work for employees and suspending projects about ten million euros. 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