Mario Barth reveals: Two new episodes start today

 Comedian Mario Barth is on a "discovery tour" again! In two brand-new editions of his successful comedy show, Mario and his team check out prominent sniffers, where in Germany our hard-earned tax money is squandered again. And that's what the first broadcast today is about: "Breakdown Airport BER" ​​Detective Dog: Mario Barth For around 14 years the bankruptcy vulture has been circling BER. But only because there is no place to land. THE most embarrassing construction site in Germany could go to the last chapter in 2020. But the way to the opening is still long, rocky and full of cables. Dowels that need to be re-anchored, a new terminal where you are not sure how big it should be and a traffic chaos that is already beginning before the opening. The airport manager is still confident that the opening date on October 31, 2020 can be met.
"High school broken down in Baden-Württemberg" Tracking dog: Ilka Eßmüller The Michelberg high school in Geislingen had 34 years on the clock when it was decided to renovate. The energy spinner should become an Energy Plus building and deliver more energy than it consumes on its own. Cost: 13.1 million euros. Construction was completed in 2016 and costs rose to EUR 21 million. An expert opinion speaks of a lack of professional care, planning and execution errors relating to the statics, the facade and the technical systems. The longitudinal building of the school is in danger of collapsing, the students are housed in containers and three solution options on the table. There is no solution under 20 million euros to get and actually not for the city. The victims of this story are of course the students …
Shipment 2
"Billions grave Stuttgart 21" sniffer dog: Mario Barth After far more than 400 Monday demonstrations, the breakdown project Stuttgart 21 still has no end in sight. But there is still time to turn around. If you think creatively, you will also find solutions for the tunnels you have already drilled. In Stuttgart there are many and relatively inexpensive plans by engineers and traffic experts. There is no question: everything is better than continuing to build this greatest presumable mischief – even if the tunnels were turned into mushroom plantations. We take on this billion dollar grave and ask: What does Plan B look like?
"Police operations in high-risk games of the DFL" Detection dog: Hendrik Duryn In recent years, the numbers in football have exploded. For the seasons 2017/18 to 2020/21, the DFL generated 4.64 billion euros from national media revenues alone, and in season 17/18 the 36 first and second division clubs achieved a proud 4.43 billion euros. It is all the more surprising that the DFL is now raising fears of existence in light of the plans of the Bremen Senate to involve the leagues in the additional costs for police operations in high-risk matches. Most recently, the Federal Administrative Court also ruled that such cost sharing is generally legal. The only question now is why the other federal states are not going along. After all, it is about 40 million euros that the taxpayer has to raise every year because of a few violent football fans.
In addition, as prominent sniffers and guests: Wolfgang Bosbach, Gregor Gysi, Joachim Llambi, Martin Klempnow, Hannes Jaenicke, Nina Moghaddam and of course the “Bund der Steuerpacher” President Reiner Holznagel. You can see episode 1 on April 8th. and episode 2 on April 15, each at 8:15 p.m.

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