Marvel Star donates over 300 thousand euros for fight against Corona

 In the times of the Corona crisis, many stars have their own approach to provide support. For example, some celebrities educate their fans and followers about safety instructions and hygiene regulations. X-Men star James McAvoy has now helped out with a generous donation. The star donated more than 300,000 euros to advance the fight against the virus. As McAvoy reports in conversation with James O'Brien from Leading Britain's Conversation, the high sum is quite justified. The public should do everything possible to support the National Health Service. It is the state health care system found in the UK and Northern Ireland. McAvoy reveals: "We are all desperately looking for a way to do something and help."
His personal donation is almost a matter of course for the star, who was seen in the thriller Split, among other things. "I wanted to make people aware that the NHS morale is extremely low. They saved my life in the past. They were real superheroes." It is hardly surprising that McAvoy would like to help the NHS without further ado.

On his Instagram page, the actor talks about the need to stick together in times of crisis. Among other things, he supports the crowdfunding fundraiser Masks for NHS Heroes. This is used to pay for things like safety suits, protective masks and other medical material that is urgently needed.
McAvoy is pleased with the success of the campaign so far and reports: "It is unbelievable that health care is currently being given priority over everything else in the world. We take care of older people and spend time with our families. Strangely enough, there are also positive ones Things that come out in this new reality. […] We're all in the same boat. "

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