Massive corona infections: Munich clinic no longer admits

              Thursday April 2nd 2020

              14 patients and 2 employees who tested positive – that is the Corona balance in a Munich clinic. It is now taking consequences – and freezing its operations.
              Due to a variety of corona infections among patients and employees, a Munich clinic temporarily gives up normal hospital operations. "The point is that we are not admitting new patients and the patients who could be discharged are not currently being discharged," said the spokesman for Helios Klinikum Munich West, Marten Deseyve. "All the patients who are now there will continue to be there." So infection chains should be broken. So far, 14 patients and 2 employees have tested positive, as Deseyve said. The clinic had an increased incidence of Covid 19 cases, particularly in a mixed internist and a surgical ward, and as a countermeasure, there are no admissions, transfers, or layoffs until further notice. The emergency room is also affected. In coordination with the city's Department for Health and the Environment, the safety precautions that previously only existed for suspected cases and those who tested positive will be extended to the treatment of all patients. Employees should also wear mouth and nose protection in public and remain in quarantine at home with the exception of their working hours. All patients and staff are now tested for the Sars-CoV-2 virus. How long this "frozen state" remains is still unclear, said Deseyve.

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