Number apparently significantly lower: Central register: No 40,000 intensive care beds

              The head of the German Hospital Society sounded reassuring: there are 40,000 intensive care beds, up to 20,000 are still free. The central register for intensive care beds now contradicts this. After that, it looks far from good.
              The central register for intensive care beds has contradicted information that there are now almost 40,000 intensive care beds in German hospitals. "We can not confirm this number in any way," said a spokeswoman for the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, which operates the central register, the "Handelsblatt". In doing so, she corrected information from the German Hospital Society (DKG) from a few days ago. DKG President Gerald Gass had said that he estimated that nearly 40,000 intensive care beds were available – of which around 15,000 to 20,000 were free, but according to the daily reports from the hospitals to the central registry, there were only 13,346 on Friday afternoon with all types of intensive care patients Beds. 10,074 others were free. Together, that would not be the 28,000 that, according to official statistics, were already available before the Corona crisis. And also from this "you had to deduct around ten percent that could not be used due to a lack of personnel", the spokeswoman told the "Handelsblatt" . "In pediatric intensive care, it was even 20 percent." Of the 13,346 intensive care beds occupied, only 2,680 are currently used to treat corona patients. Of these, 83 percent would need ventilation.

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