Riverdale Season 4: How Long We Have to Wait for the New Episode

 Netflix Riverdale fans are currently extremely sorry. Due to the corona virus, the production had to be stopped. Now there is finally a fixed date for the next episode. Despite the crisis, the production company is committed to keeping the charisma. We'll tell you here when it will go on. We're actually spoiled by Netflix when it comes to series. Whole seasons of our favorite series can be searched in one go. It's different with Riverdale. The mystery series is not consistently turned off and made available overall, but new episodes are added every week, because the shooting continues in parallel. The production company was hard hit by the Corona crisis. Infecting a crew member resulted in complete failure on the set. With that, the schedule of the broadcast was gone. Even a temporary buffer could not compensate for this. A system that reveals its greatest weakness in this exceptional situation.
Nonetheless, you can be happy now because the shoot of Riverdale Season 4 continues. The new episode is announced on April 16, 2020 at Netflix. As usual, only a short time after the TV premiere on US television. To meet this deadline, production is in full swing as far as the corona pandemic allows.
The wait should be worth it, because in the 17th episode of the fourth season, everything revolves around the topic of music. It is about pieces from the Broadway musical Hedwig And The Angry Inch, an award-winning work from 1998 that was made into a film in 2001. The tender developments between Archie and Betty will also come to a head, but in which direction?
From April 16, you will know more when Chapter Seventy-Four – Wicked Little Town is available on Netflix in the stream. Since the involuntary Corona vacation is likely to continue for a while, you can sit curiously in front of the screen. In the video player we show you the trailer for the new episode.

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