Rock Hard – EXODUS: Gary Holt tested positive for the corona virus


04/01/2020, 10:21

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt is now certain: he has Covid-19.

Holt (photo right) was tested for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus twelve days ago after he showed symptoms. But only yesterday, on March 31, was the result communicated to him. According to Blabbermouth, Gary then wrote in an Instagram post that had since been deleted: "So I finally got my test result and it was positive. The test of (my wife) Lisa was negative, and enough time has passed since my symptoms that I can now officially do the only things I can do, for example doing my own grocery shopping! I feel very good, I have overcome the difficult moments and my health feels 100 percent normal. Thank you everyone, who wished us all the best. Now it's time to work on new EXODUS riffs while I'm basically still stuck in my house! "Holt had already announced on March 18 after the EXODUS tour with TESTAMENT and DEATH ANGEL that he felt sick, however, could not be tested immediately. Several members of the participating bands and their crew were ill on Covid-19, including also TESTAMENT front man Chuck Billy.


Author: Alexandra Michels

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