Stars of FC Bayern Munich tested on Corona

The corona virus strangles the entire globe. Professional football is also feeling the far-reaching protective measures – several events have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19. follows the latest developments related to the Corona crisis in the live blog.

Virologist sees football on TV as "risk" FIFA plans to extend seasons indefinitely Werder Bremen fears competitive disadvantage Alaba criticizes proposal by two scientists BVB continues to train in small groups +++ 06.04.2020, 9:50 pm: UEFA boss sees Liverpool FC as champion +++ UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has spoken out for Liverpool as English champion, although the Premier League season cannot be ended due to the corona pandemic. "If the games cannot be played, we have to find a way," said Ceferin of the Slovenian sports newspaper "Ekipa". The team of team manager Jürgen Klopp is currently 25 points ahead of defending champion Manchester City. He sees no scenario in which Liverpool would not be the champion, according to Ceferin. The Premier League is currently indefinitely paused. However, Ceferin still believes in a regular end of the season. "I am an optimist," said the Slovenian. But he could not "guarantee or promise" anything. It all depends on "whether the circumstances are safe enough so that no one is at risk when playing football." +++ 06.04.2020, 9:15 pm: Völler is ex-club with +++ Rudi Völler still has big ones Sympathy for his ex-club Kickers Offenbach. The sports director of the Bundesliga soccer club Bayer Leverkusen bought 100 ghost tickets and thus supported the "Volle Hütte" campaign by the regional league player. Völler played in Offenbach from 1975 to 1980. The Kickers have now sold a total of 3977 tickets. The tickets cost between five and 190.10 euros (VIP ticket) .The Offenbachers are trying to compensate at least in part for the loss of income caused by the corona pandemic. +++ 06.04.2020, 19:15: Stars of FC Bayern tested on Corona +++ On Monday, the stars of FC Bayern returned to the grass, divided into small groups in different places, trained Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller and Co. under strict conditions. But that's not all: According to information from "Sport1 "every actor who arrived at the training site had to undergo a corona test. The laboratory results should be available within two days at the latest. +++ 06.04.2020, 6:01 p.m .: SC Paderborn ends "Home Office" +++ With the return to the training ground, the players of the Bundesliga rear light SC Paderborn also have the " Home Office "ended." The exercises at home do not persist, that is also unnecessary. The boys worked very well, "said coach Steffen Baumgart after the training on Monday. East Westphalia, like most of the Bundesliga clubs, was back in small groups at the beginning of the week, while relegation rival Fortuna Düsseldorf, for example, continues to rely on exercises by its players within their own four walls. Baumgart sees no need for this in view of the four weeks until the expected resumption of play: "The boys are in the juice", said the coach. This means that East Westphalia is currently doing one unit a day. +++ 06.04.2020, 17:27: FIFA recommends contract extensions +++ The FIFA World Football Association apparently wants to postpone the start of the transfer period and recommends the clubs to extend expiring contracts until the end of the current season. The French news agency "AFP", citing FIFA circles. The transfer window should not open until the current interruption due to the corona pandemic has ended, and FIFA is calling on clubs and players to agree on wage cuts in line with "AFP" statements in order to compensate for the financial damage caused by the virus crisis limit. In the past few days, there has been a debate in the Premier League about a cut in the salary of professionals, and FIFA had recently discussed changes to the transfer system, as the Premier League, but also the Champions League and Europa League, among others, are unlikely to plan the current season may end June 30th. This date is the deadline for expiring contracts. +++ 06.04.2020, 4:52 p.m .: Kiel returns to the grass +++ Under strict conditions, second division football team Holstein Kiel will resume training after more than three weeks. The club announced on Monday. The people of Kiel will train up to seven people in small groups in a contactless and time-separated manner. Despite the corona pandemic, the pros will make an exception to the prohibition of use of all sports facilities via the state ordinance. "From the point of view of fair competition, of course, I welcome this decision. The DFL suspended the game until the end of the month, so that we and everyone else Clubs in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga have to prepare us to be able to play games again in May, "said sports manager Uwe Stöver. +++ 06.04.2020, 16:31: mother of Pep Guardiola died + ++ Dolors Sala Carrió in Manresa, the mother of ManCity team manager Pep Guardiola, died at the age of 82 as a result of a coronavirus infection. Manchester City announced on Monday. +++ April 6th, 2020, 4:02 pm: Will there be "pure reporting of results"? +++ Virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit sees a possible resumption of the football Bundesliga in spite of the planned ghost games, a danger for the fans. "I see the risk in the transmission of the games," said the expert at "Sky Sport News HD ". "If these games are broadcast, I think the fans want to enjoy it together. It will certainly be very difficult to prevent groups from forming." A "safe option" could only be continued if the season didn't continue , but only with a pure reporting of results and protection of the players through regular tests. Tests for the Bundesliga professionals, the expert from the Bernhard Nocht Institute in Hamburg assessed critically with regard to the external impact: "We are struggling to reserve the test capacities for the really needy in the hospitals and nursing homes. In this respect, of course, it is questionable whether a young healthy soccer player, because he just wants to play, can now receive these tests daily. "That in the foreseeable future, spectators could fill the stadiums again is not practical for the specialist. "From a virological point of view, I can let fans into the stadium who have already been through an infection. Or I can set the fans apart to such an extent that they cannot become infected. But these are all scenarios that no one can wish for in football," said Schmidt -Chanasit. As a result of the corona crisis, the ball in the Bundesliga remains at least until April 30th. In May, if the guidelines of politics allow it, the game will resume. +++ 06.04.2020, 15:38: Gladbach fans with crazy action +++ The fan project Mönchengladbach has with the production of the cardboard figures for others Ghost games of Gladbacher Borussia in the Bundesliga started. The pressure started with well over 1000 first figures. "The demand was there fairly quickly," said co-initiator Ingo Müller of the "German Press Agency". Interested fans can order cardboard figures to be printed with a photo of themselves. The cardboard comrades are then installed in the otherwise empty stadium and are intended to reduce the sadness in games without spectators. The costs for this are 19 euros, a profit should not be achieved. "We hope to be able to build at least a small backdrop for the players," said Müller. The idea for the project came after Borussia and 1. FC Köln (2-1) after the first Bundesliga game at the beginning of March. "Such an empty stadium is hardly visually bearable," said Müller. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, no Bundesliga games have taken place since the Rheinderby. From May onwards the season should continue without spectators. The first printed cardboard figures are to be distributed in Borussia Park by the middle of this week. +++ 06.04.2020, 2:48 pm: Orange players are putting together an aid package for clubs +++ The Dutch football association KNVB and the national team have joined in with their main sponsor (ING Bank) put together an aid package of around eleven million euros for the clubs hit by the Corona crisis. The KNVB announced that this should help clubs that were in financial need due to the Corona crisis. The aid package includes donations and measures to reduce the club's financial burden. The funds are to be shared equally between amateur and professional clubs. The association relies on the solidarity of the clubs with one another. "All clubs are urgently needed for strong and attractive professional football leagues." Due to the strict measures against the pandemic, football games are prohibited until June 1, both the men's and women's national teams and the youth players donate. "We play all over the world, in the largest stadiums. The biggest games and the best leagues," quotes KNVB Oranje captain Virgil van Dijk. "But you never forget where you started. Our old amateur clubs … We are glad that we can give something back in this difficult time," said the Liverpool defender. +++ 06.04.2020, 14:48 Uhr: Hütter supports wage cuts +++ Eintracht Frankfurt coach Adi Hütter would accept wage cuts in the current corona crisis. "The big issue is solidarity. That is why I am in favor of the waiver," said the Austrian at a press conference without an audience in Frankfurt. Because the Hessian Bundesliga club was in quarantine for two weeks, there have been no concrete discussions about such an option yet. "Our board will certainly think about how we can equip Eintracht Frankfurt in such a way that we can retain employees with our waiver Every pro is from us, "added the 50 year old Hütter. He believes "that we are all ready". +++ April 6th, 2020, 2:37 pm: Union Berlin starts training in small groups +++ 1. FC Union Berlin started training in small groups after the mandatory Corona break . The Köpenicker showed a short video of the unit on Twitter at the An der Alten Försterei stadium. Only four players could be seen who were running on the lawn with a lot of distance between them, and the climber wanted to approach everyday sporting activities slowly and in accordance with the regulations. Correct team training under coach Urs Fischer is unthinkable, the club had announced that at the same time only very few players would be present and that it would be changed in two cabins. Also on Tuesday there are checks to see how the professionals in the sporty home office have done and worked through their training plans. In the course of the week, training is to be done in smaller groups and also with the ball. +++ 06.04.2020, 2:21 pm: FIFA before adjusting the season period +++ In view of the ongoing corona crisis, the football world association FIFA adjust the existing season period. This is reported by "The Athletic", a confirmation from FIFA should follow "in the next 48 hours". The end of the season would be extended indefinitely to give every national and continental association the opportunity to plan the remaining games better in their own competitions. The measure also has an impact on the transfer market and contract terms. The previous reporting date, June 30, could therefore be omitted. +++ 06.04.2020, 2:01 p.m .: Boldt sees no distortion of competition +++ The different training conditions for the professional clubs in the Corona crisis are not yet a problem in the opinion of sports director Jonas Boldt from second division club Hamburger SV. "At the moment I can still see no decisive distortion of competition, "he said on the" NDR "program" Sportclub ". Definitely not to be played in April. "We don't know when it will be played at all." At the end of May at the earliest, Boldt said. "But that is still in the stars today." After two weeks of working at home for the players in the Volksparkstadion, HSV started training in small groups for the first time on Monday. The club, like the city and league rivals FC St. Pauli, received a special permit under strict conditions. +++ 06.04.2020, 13:35: Majority supports Bundesliga with ghost games +++ The majority of football fans are in favor of a continuation of the corona crisis Bundesliga and the 2nd league with "ghost games". In a survey conducted by the Forsa polling institute on behalf of "RTL" and "ntv", 60 percent of those questioned were without spectators for the continuation of the currently interrupted gaming operations from May onwards, and only 24 percent were against it Not interested in football. There more than half of the respondents (51 percent) stated that there are currently more important things than football. 28 percent of the respondents were in favor of a solution with ghost games, 21 percent against it. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, game play in the two highest German game classes will be interrupted at least until April 30th. +++ 06.04.2020, 1:11 p.m .: Trio recovered from COVID-19 disease +++ In Italian soccer First division club AC Florenz, club of ex-Bayern Munich star Franck Ribéry, three players have recovered from their COVID-19 illness. Patrick Cutrone, German Pezzella and Dusan Vlahovic have now been tested negatively and are considered cured, Fiorentina reported on their website. AC Florence has reported ten coronavirus cases, along with the three players, some of the club's employees also fell ill. The club thanked the hospitals and doctors who worked for the sick during this difficult time, and the association has now launched a fundraiser to support the city's hospitals, with Ribéry alone contributing 50,000 euros. +++ April 6th, 2020, 12:20 pm: Havertz also donates for #wekickcorona +++ Bayer Leverkusen's top star Kai Havertz is the sixth professional of the works club to join the #wekickcorona project of Bavarian stars Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka. The project supports social and charitable institutions. Within a short time, a total of 3.7 million euros has already been raised as a donation. 20-year-old Havertz has joined his teammates Sven and Lars Bender, Jonathan Tah, Mitchell Weiser and Nadiem Amiri. Kimmich and Goretzka had launched the internet platform with their own contribution of one million euros. +++ 06.04.2020, 12:02 p.m .: Gladbach dispenses with corona tests +++ Borussia Mönchengladbach will carry out Corona as a precautionary measure First of all, do without tests with the professionals. "According to our medical experts, this makes no sense. At the moment there are no signs of infection. Of course, we monitor very closely whether symptoms appear in someone that require a test," said sports director Max Eberl on Monday. In the past few days, the players, trainers and supervisors of the licensed players department were again extensively informed about the Corona virus and the necessary hygienic behavior patterns due to the special location to avoid infection. +++ 06.04.2020, 11: 56 o'clock: actions with ball in the focus of SCP training +++ Paderborns trainer Steffen Baumgart wants to work with d Put the ball in the foreground. "It is very important that the players get the ball to their feet again. That is why we will design the units in the training center so that actions with the ball take center stage, "the 48-year-old is quoted in a club announcement. Like many other competitors, the bottom of the table started again with training units in the training center, but because of the corona virus pandemic The players train in small groups, each sharing a cabin and their own shower area. "We have to combine two central goals, namely to keep the players in a very good state of fitness and at the same time to avoid possible infections," said Managing Director Sport Martin Przondziono. +++ April 6th, 2020, 11:50 am: Controversial debate about Serie A +++ Italy is considering extending the current season until autumn due to the Corona crisis. The president of the football association FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, also closed a game operation until September or in an interview with the broadcaster "Rai Sport" r October not out. This is one of the "hypotheses" that are under discussion, "he said." This way we could avoid not only affecting the 2019/20 season but also the 20/21 season, "said Gravina. Because without a regulated conclusion, the coming season could also be burdened by an "avalanche of legal disputes". The date May 17 for a restart of Serie A will also initially remain in play afterwards. Gravina emphasized that it was all theoretical considerations. Nothing had been decided. +++ April 6, 2020, 11:32 am: Augsburg's Baier would like to support the club +++ FC Augsburg's professionals have once again signaled their financial support to the club in the coronavirus crisis Captain Daniel Baier the "kicker" and the "Augsburger Allgemeine": "We are known for being together as a club and discussing things internally. Certainly this topic too. We as a team have clearly signaled that we want to support the club – in whatever form. "+++ 06.04.2020, 11:15 am: Brosinski wants" to start as soon as possible "+++ Despite the current corona crisis, Daniel Brosinski from Mainz is optimistic about a quick continuation of the current season "I am in good spirits. There is only one thing for me: that the season will be brought to an end," said the 31-year-old defender in an interview with the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" It will be difficult to get all games under one roof in the beginning of May, "said Brosinski with regard to the league, cup and international competitions. That is why the seasoned player, who is also trying his hand at the console during the current break, hopes a quick resumption of play when the break scheduled for April 30th is over. "So you have to start as soon as possible. I am optimistic that we will start again soon, but certainly only without spectators, "added Brosinski. +++ 06.04.2020, 10:58: CR7 starts abdominal muscle challenge +++ Cristiano Ronaldo has his fans in an abdominal muscle- Challenge challenged The Juventus attacking player posted a video on Instagram of himself doing a total of 142 crunches (belly presses) lying on a sleeping pad in 45 seconds "Can you keep up and break my record?" Wrote the 35-year-old to his 210 million followers. Bruno Fernandes, Ronaldo's team-mate in the Portuguese national team, also accepted the challenge, but he "only" managed 117 crunches. Blaise Matuidi, who plays with Ronaldo at Juve, even leaves two abdominal cramps in his video show more than the three-time world footballer – but the Frenchman cheated clearly. "You break me," wrote Matuidi afterwards in the direction of Ronaldo. Ronaldo has always boasted for his extreme m trained abdominal muscles, which he likes to flaunt whenever possible. The former Real Madrid professional had once contradicted rumors that he would do 3,000 sit-ups a day: "That's not true. I usually train three or four times a week. I don't even know if I do 1000 a week at all +++ 06.04.2020, 10:34 am: Werder fears competitive disadvantage +++ Unlike other clubs in the Bundesliga, Werder Bremen is not yet allowed to start training in small groups on April 6th and therefore fears disadvantages "We will continue to fully implement the requirements of the authorities in all areas, but we are still in the area of ​​tension that competitors in other locations have been working in group training for a long time," said trainer Florian Kohfeldt of a message from the club. "We do not hope to suffer any competitive disadvantage here, but would welcome a nationwide uniform solution." Werder has submitted an application to the Bremen Senate to start training again in small groups on April 6th. This application has not yet been decided because the interior senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) is relying on a nationwide uniform regulation on this question. +++ 06.04.2020, 10:02 a.m .: Ede Geyer for the end of the season +++ The former Bundesliga coach Eduard Geyer (75) has spoken out for a season break in the Bundesliga. "Basically, I'm in favor of ending the season – without ifs and buts. There should be no champions and no relegations, and you should quasi repeat the season next year," wrote the last GDR selection coach in his "kicker" column .Geyer, who had successfully trained Energie Cottbus and Dynamo Dresden, considers it "questionable" that the Bundesliga clubs are now training in small groups again, "although the corona crisis still has Germany under control". He does understand the economic interests of the clubs , says Geyer: "But would we rather let 100,000 more people in Germany, England, Spain, Italy and France die in order to make even more profit from football?" +++ 06.04.2020, 08:45 a.m .: Grief at Stade Reims +++ The longtime team doctor of the French first division club Stade Reims probably committed suicide because of a positive Corona test. The club confirmed the death of Bernard Gonzalez, who is more al s had worked for the six-time master on his homepage for 20 years. "Devastated. Reims mourns Bernard Gonzalez," said the mayor, Arnaud Robinet, when the news agency "AFP" confirmed that the 60-year-old Gonzalez had left a letter in which the positive said Corona test was mentioned. Gonzalez is said to have been "in good health" despite the diagnosis, according to a source from the medical field. +++ 06.04.2020, 07:13: Mintzlaff warns of the end of the season +++ RB Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff urgently warns of a termination the currently suspended season in the Bundesliga. "That would be" a disaster, "said the 44-year-old in an interview with the" Bild "newspaper with a view to possible bankruptcies at the clubs." The Bundesliga would no longer be like we know them. That would be a catastrophic picture and therefore we have to do everything we can to end the season reasonably well. "The game in German professional football is suspended at least until April 30th because of the coronavirus pandemic, the clubs want the season with ghost games at best until June 30th. "Nobody wants games without a spectator. But I don't think that in the current situation it's not a wish-what, it's that it doesn't mean that many clubs have to go bankrupt, "said Mintzlaff. For his own club, the RB boss predicted: "We are not doing a daily checkout now. Compared to our business plan for 2020, we will certainly do worse with a double-digit million amount. However, we are currently assuming that we will continue to play without a spectator by the end of the year. "+++ 05.04.2020, 10:36 pm: Alaba shoots against scientists +++ David Alaba has a lot of criticism Reacts to the proposal of two French scientists to test a possible new vaccine against COVID-19 in Africa. "Are these two types doctors or clowns? I could never have imagined this kind of racism, "wrote the Bayern Munich defender on Twitter. Alaba, whose father George comes from Nigeria, joined a long list of prominent footballers who made public statements, including Didier Drogba and Samuel "Eto'o. Africa is" not a test laboratory, "Drogba wrote. The scientists had previously spoken on French television about testing a possible vaccine in Africa, where there were" no masks, no treatment options, and no resuscitation measures, "said Jean-Paul Mira, chief physician at the Cochin Hospital in Paris. This was also the case with studies on AIDS. Mira had previously said that he would now deliberately provoke. Camille Locht, research director of the state Inserm Institute, replied: "You are right, we are considering to conduct a parallel study in Africa. "At the same time, one is also thinking about possible studies in Europe or Australia Locht continued, Alaba reacted indignantly. "This is shameful and unacceptable. We all have to stand together and work hand in hand to fight this virus," he wrote. +++ 05.04.2020, 9:06 pm: Serie A could end the season in October +++ Italy Association president Gabriele Gravina believes that season A can only end in October. "Playing in September and October would be a way to end the season and not endanger the next season," said Gravina in an interview with "RAI" The FIGC President fears an endless legal dispute in the event of a season break. "The danger is that the championship will only be held in the courtrooms," said Gravina. Football cannot cope with a wave of appeals in court. +++ 05.04.2020, 17:52: BVB trains in small groups +++ Borussia Dortmund will continue its training in small groups in the coming week. As the club announced on Sunday, the official regulations for professional athletes will continue to be followed and training to a limited extent according to the current hygiene and infection protection requirements. BVB returned to the training ground as one of the first Bundesliga teams in groups of two at the beginning of last week Exercise groups are to be distributed further across the entire training area in order to comply with the distance regulations. Exercises with duels will not be on the program for the coming week either, and players should continue to change their clothes and take a shower at home. In addition, the team will not eat together on the training grounds, the professionals can only take their meals home. +++ 05.04.2020, 5:26 pm: Durm gives training insight +++ Eintracht Frankfurt's former world champion Erik Durm has the training in Small groups are described as very demanding. "The handling is new territory for all of us and very complex for a team that is usually used to training together," said the 27-year-old defender in a message from the Bundesliga club returned to practice on Friday after two weeks of quarantine in the corona crisis – in groups of two. Durm trains with Sebastian Rode. "Generally we warm up normally, of course always with a safe distance from the other person. Then we mostly work with the ball: passing, flanking, shots on goal. Also parcours are part of it to get the small, quick movements back in" said the seven-time international and ex-Dortmund player. More about this here. +++ 05.04.2020, 17:02: Manchester City waives short-time working +++ The English football champion Manchester City, unlike its rival Liverpool FC, will not send its employees on short-time working or compulsory vacation at the expense of taxpayers The goal remains to save our employees' jobs while supporting society in these difficult times, "said City. This decision had already been made last week. +++ 05.04.2020, 3.40 p.m .: Insolvency scenario is getting closer for KSC +++ With the financially badly struck Karlsruher SC, the scenario of insolvency in the Corona crisis is getting closer. "We already had a backpack from the past, that is perfectly clear, especially from the two third league years," said Managing Director Michael Becker of the "German Press Agency" "We wanted to solve that with the sale of shares, at least one Part of it. But this stock sale is now stuttering because of the corona issue. " Previously, the second division soccer team had already published "Information on a possible bankruptcy under self-administration" on its homepage. +++ 05.04.2020, 2:28 pm: Second division teams before training return +++ Second division soccer team 1. FC Nürnberg will follow on Monday four weeks break "in compliance with all hygiene regulations" the training again. In close coordination and with the approval of the Nuremberg authorities, the club was allowed to hold organized individual training in small groups on the pitch, the team from 1. The FCN team was on after the positive COVID 19 test by professional Fabian Nürnberger March 13, together with the care staff, was quarantined for two weeks. The training now will take place in camera and in strict compliance with the measures of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). "When we return to the training area in small groups, we are operating within the limits set by the health department," said sports director Robert Palikuca: "If the overall situation in Germany allows this season to continue, even the smallest improvement in working conditions is a not unimportant factor and this includes guided individual training with the ball under the supervision of a trainer." Hannover 96 also wants again on Monday start training in small groups. In mid-March, Lower Saxony was the first German professional club to report two players who tested positive for the corona virus: Timo Hübers and Jannes Horn. Der kompletten Mannschaft wurde daraufhin eine zweiwöchige häusliche Quarantäne verordnet.Am Montag "werden die 96-Profis über den Tag verteilt in mehreren Kleingruppen und zu unterschiedlichen Uhrzeiten in der HDI Arena trainieren", heißt es in der Mitteilung des Klubs. "Alle notwendigen Maßnahmen zur Einhaltung der Hygiene- und Abstandsregeln werden von Hannover 96 vor, während und nach dem Trainingsbetrieb sichergestellt." Der Trainingsbetrieb im Stadion findet deshalb auch unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit statt.+++ 05.04.2020, 14:02 Uhr: Ex-BVB-Star kauf Klub +++Der langjährige BVB-Star  Jakub Blaszczykowski ist seinem Heimatklub Wisla Krakau einmal mehr zur Hilfe geeilt. Der 34-Jährige hat Schritte eingeleitet, um gemeinsam mit zwei Partnern den polnischen Verein zu kaufen und so vor der Insolvenz zu retten. Das berichtet der polnische TV-Sender "TVP".Blaszczykowski, der im Februar 2019 zu seinem Jugendklub zurückkehrte und seitdem Kapitän von Wisla ist, half bereits mehrfach mit Geldspritzen aus. Zudem spielt der Routinier für lediglich 100 Euro im Monat.+++ 05.04.2020, 13:29 Uhr: ManCity-Star sorgt für Eklat +++Kyle Walker von Manchester City hat für einen Eklat gesorgt. Obwohl auch in England während der Corona-Krise möglichst auf jegliche Sozial-Kontakte verzichtet werden soll, hat der Verteidiger die Fußball-Auszeit genutzt, um mit einem Freund und zwei Prostituierten eine Sex-Party zu feiern. Das enthüllte die "Sun".Die Zeitung beruft sich unter anderem auf die Aussagen und Instagram-Posts der 21-jährigen Louise McNamara, die Teil der "Feierlichkeiten" war. Walker hat inzwischen Stellung zu den Vorwürfen bezogen und sich entschuldigt: "Ich möchte mich öffentlich für die von mir getroffenen Entscheidungen entschuldigen. Ich verstehe, dass mein Verhalten sich nicht mit der Vorbild-Rolle vereinen lässt, die ich als Profi-Fußballer bekleide", wird Walker zitiert. Manchester City zeigte sich enttäuscht und kündigte interne Schritte an. Besonders brisant: Walker selbst rief nach der "Party" dazu auf, zuhause zu bleiben.+++ 05.04.2020, 12:52 Uhr: Lienen findet Forderungen "populistisch" +++Der ehemalige Bundesliga-Trainer Ewald Lienen hat öffentliche Forderungen nach einem Gehaltsverzicht hochbezahlter Fußballprofis als "populistisch" zurückgewiesen."Es ist leicht, auf die Erstliga-Profis zu zeigen und zu verlangen, sie mögen doch auf ein paar ihrer Millionen verzichten", sagte Lienen im "Sky"-Interview: "Aber wo ist der Unterschied zu großen Unternehmen aus anderen Branchen? Auch dort verdienen ein paar Wenige das Vielfache anderer Angestellter. Das ist in ganz vielen Bereichen unserer Wirtschaft so."Auf die Fußballer werde "nur zuerst gezeigt, weil man sie kennt und sie in der Öffentlichkeit stehen. Man kann das von niemandem einfordern", sagte Lienen: "Aber alle, die das freiwillig tun, verdienen höchsten Respekt dafür. Solidarität innerhalb eines Klubs mit den Mitarbeitern und damit den über 50.000 Ange stellten der Klubs in Deutschland, da geht einem das Herz auf."Zuletzt hatte Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder (CSU) gefordert, Fußballer, die "ganz große Gehälter bekommen", sollten "ein bisschen zurückhaltender sein mit dem Geld". Bei "so vielen Millionen, die da jedes Jahr verdient werden", sei Solidarität gefragt, auch vonseiten der Spieler.In der Bundesliga verzichten im Zuge der Coronakrise bereits viele Spieler auf Teile ihrer Gehälter – unter anderem auch bei Bayern München und Borussia Dortmund.+++ 05.04.2020, 12:29 Uhr: Gehaltszoff in der Premier League geht weiter +++Die Fußballprofis der englischen Premier League haben einen Gehaltsverzicht wegen der Coronavirus-Krise in Höhe von 30 Prozent abgelehnt.Die Spielergewerkschaft PFA begründete die Haltung damit, dass der englischen Regierung mit einem solchen Schritt rund 200 Millionen Pfund (227 Millionen Euro) über einen Zeitraum von zwölf Monaten an Steuergeldern verloren gingen. "Das würde auf Kosten unseres nationalen Gesundheitsdienstes NHS oder anderen staatlich-unterstützten Diensten gehen", teilte die PFA in einem Statement mit.Die Premier-League-Klubs waren überein gekommen, die Spieler um einen Gehaltsverzicht von 30 Prozent zu bitten. Sollte die Saison nicht beendet werden können, müsste die Liga womöglich 762 Millionen Pfund (866 Millionen Euro) an die TV-Rechteinhaber zurücküberweisen."Die Spieler sind sich bewusst, dass die kombinierte Steuer auf ihre Gehälter einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Finanzierung wesentlicher öffentlicher Dienstleistungen leistet – die derzeit besonders wichtig sind", hieß es in der Stellungnahme der PFA weiter. Further details are necessary for such a step. Die PFA monierte zudem, dass die 20-Millionen-Pfund-Spende an die NHS zu wenig sei.Die PFA-Haltung rief entsprechend Kritik hervor. Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, wrote on Twitter that people don't want to see "struggles within our national sport" in times of crisis. "Der Fußball muss seinen Teil dazu beitragen, dass der Sport versteht, welchem Druck seine schlechter bezahlten Mitarbeiter, Gemeinschaften und Fans ausgesetzt sind."+++ 05.04.2020, 11:54 Uhr: Ceferin nennt Deadline für das CL-Finale +++UEFA-Präsident Aleksander Ceferin hat im Sportstudio des "ZDF" klargestellt, dass die Champions und Europa League "spätestens bis August beendet" sein müssten. "Im September oder Oktober können wir das nicht mehr machen. Wir sind in einer Ausnahmesituation. Daher sind wir bezüglich Terminen und Anstoßzeiten flexibel. Wenn sich die Krise eher abschwächt, können wir früher wieder beginnen", führt Ceferin fort.Bevor die Corona-Krise den Fußball zu einem Lockdown zwang, sollte das Finale der Königsklasse am 30. Mai steigen.+++ 05.04.2020, 10:42 Uhr: Nächster Serie-A-Klub verzichtet auf Geld +++In der italienischen Serie A verzichten angesichts der Coronakrise immer mehr Fußballer auf ihr Geld. Nach den Profis von Rekordmeister Juventus Turin und Inter Mailand wollen nun auch die Spieler der AS Rom Teile ihrer Gehälter abgeben.Edin Dzeko und Co. sollen auf 60 Prozent ihres März-Gehalts verzichten. The payment of the salaries in April, May and June will also be spread over the remaining contract years of the players. Damit könnte der Klub circa acht Millionen Euro sparen, berichtete die "Gazzetta dello Sport".Die Roma gibt jährlich circa 180 Millionen Euro für Spieler und andere Personalkosten aus. "Das ist für jeden ein sehr schwieriger Moment und wir sind bereit, unseren Teil beizutragen", sagte Trainer Paulo Fonseca.+++ 05.04.2020, 09:31 Uhr: Wird das Financial Fairplay gelockert? +++UEFA-Präsident Aleksander Ceferin hat den Weltverband FIFA für dessen Vorgehen bei der geplanten finanziellen Hilfe für Verbände, Vereine und Spieler in der Coronavirus-Krise kritisiert."Die Erklärung der FIFA dazu war, sie wollen es für die nutzen, die es dringend brauchen. Wir sollten dem zustimmen, so dass die FIFA dann entscheiden kann, wer wie viel Geld bekommt. Das ist nach meiner Auffassung etwas seltsam", sagte der Chef der Europäischen Fußball-Union im "Aktuellen Sportstudio" des "ZDF". Die FIFA hatte zuvor die Hilfsaktion angekündigt, ohne konkrete Summen zu nennen."So kann keiner kontrollieren, wohin die Summen fließen", kritisierte Ceferin den Weltverband. "Es braucht strikte Regularien dafür, man kann nicht einfach der FIFA überlassen, wohin die Summen fließen."Ceferin bezeichnete das Vorhaben der Bundesliga, ab Mai wieder Spiele ohne Zuschauer austragen zu wollen, als richtig. "Any path is the right one if the health of the player is paramount," he said. In the coronavirus crisis, it was "definitely a consideration" to relax UEFA's financial fair play rules in the longer term. "We have to be flexible, many clubs are in difficult situations," said the 52-year-old Slovenian. "Wir setzen das jetzt erst einmal aus und schauen, wie die Saison zu Ende geht."+++ 05.04.2020, 07:35 Uhr: Virologe: Fußball im Mai ist "machbar" +++ Virologe Alexander Kekule hält eine Fortsetzung der Fußball-Bundesliga im Mai für möglich. "Machbar ist alles", sagte der Direktor des Instituts für Medizinische Mikrobiologie am Universitätsklinikum Halle/Saale im Aktuellen Sportstudio des "ZDF": "Man kann sich überlegen, wie man die Bundesligaspieler speziell absichert, dass sie in der Lage sind zu spielen."Für die Spieler sei dies aber mit "drakonischen" Maßnahmen verbunden. "You would have to extend the lockdown for them. They would have to continue living privately under special security conditions. The whole team would have to go into a special quarantine. In addition, they would have to be retested before each game," said Kekule. A total of around 20,000 tests would be required for this project by the end of the season. You have to take into account that the players do not belong to the risk group, said the 61-year-old: "From a purely virological point of view, the problem could therefore be solved. But only if you create a kind of special bubble for the football players." Die Frage wäre nur, wie man diese Spezialbehandlung der Fußballer der Gesellschaft erkläre, wenn es ganz vielen anderen Leuten draußen schlecht gehe.Nach Ansicht von Kekule können Fußballspiele im Jahr 2020 allerdings nur noch vor Geisterkulissen stattfinden. "Ich würde für dieses Jahr nichts mehr planen mit Publikum", sagte der Virologe: "Da wäre ich pessimistisch. Es sieht nicht so aus, als könnten wir dieses Jahr noch ernsthaft so etwas ins Auge fassen."+++ 05.04.2020, 07:15 Uhr: Aue-Boss: Dann "wird es eklig" +++Präsident Helge Leonhardt sieht bei einer länger andauernden Spielpause wegen des Coronavirus schwere Zeiten auf seinen Verein Erzgebirge Aue zukommen. "Wir haben einen Plan bis 30. Juni. Danach wird es eklig und grausam", sagte der Boss des Fußball-Zweitligisten im Aktuellen Sportstudio des "ZDF": "Ich kann kein Szenario ausschließen. Was dann passiert, müssen wir sehen. Es kann bis zur Planinsolvenz gehen."Nach einem Bericht des Fachmagazins "kicker" droht insgesamt 13 Klubs der ersten beiden deutschen Ligen noch in dieser Saison die Insolvenz, wenn der Ball nicht bald wieder rollt. In der zweiten Liga müssten laut dem Bericht bis Ende Juni sogar neun Klubs Insolvenz anmelden.+++ 05.04.2020, 06:59 Uhr: Höwedes in Quarantäne +++Rio-Weltmeister Benedikt Höwedes verbringt die Quarantäne während der Coronakrise in Deutschland. The 32-year-old, who is currently under contract with the Russian first division club Lokomotive Moscow, decided to return to his family. Am Dienstag habe ihm der Verein die Erlaubnis zur Heimreise erteilt, sagte er dem Nachrichtenportal "".Höwedes befindet sich seit der vergangenen Woche in Quarantäne. Die Aussetzung der Premier Liga bis zum 31. Mai begrüßt der frühere Nationalspieler. "Klar ist es besser, jetzt zu stoppen und der Gesundheit Vorrang zu geben", sagte Höwedes.+++ 04.04.2020, 21:50 Uhr: FC Bayern geht wieder ins Training +++Der deutsche Rekordmeister wird laut "kicker" das Homeoffice für die Profis zum Wochenbeginn beenden. Demnach bittet der FC Bayern ab Montag seine Spieler wieder zum Training an die Säbener Straße – allerdings nur in Kleingruppen.Die Verantwortlichen haben dem Bericht zufolge am Samstag "zweimal intensiv" über die Möglichkeiten diskutiert und sich letztlich für diesen Schritt entschieden. Die Entscheidung sei im Einklang mit den politischen Richtlinien gefallen worden.Die Spieler werden in mehrere Kleingrippen mit je vier oder fünf Spielern aufgeteilt. Jede dieser Gruppen wird zeitlich getrennt voneinander in der Tiefgarage des Trainingsgeländes abgeholt und in unterschiedliche Kabinen gebracht. Somit soll verhindert werden, dass die Profis untereinander in Kontakt treten. Geduscht wird nicht auf dem Gelände, sondern zuhause.In NRW durften die Profi-Vereine aufgrund einer Regelung der Landesregierung bereits Anfang der Woche unter starken Auflagen das Training wieder aufnehmen. +++ 04.04.2020, 20:15 Uhr: Khedira feiert mit sich selbst +++Sami Khedira hat in der Corona-Krise Geburtstag mit sich selbst gefeiert. Der Fußball-Profi von Juventus Turin veröffentlichte an seinem 33. Geburtstag am Samstag Bilder in den sozialen Netzwerken. On it: Several Sami Khediras sitting together at the table and celebrating their birthday. The 77-time national player shows himself in the Juventus jersey, sometimes with a straw hat on his head and sometimes with an espresso cup in his hand. Auch den Kuchen serviert Khedira sich auf dem Foto selbst."Großartige Geburtstagsparty heute", schrieb Khedira zu den Bildern mit einem Emoji, der die Zunge herausstreckt. Sein früherer Nationalmannschaftskollege Thomas Müller kommentierte: "Alles Gute und viel Spaß mit deinen Gästen", Khediras Bruder Rani schrieb neben einem Emoji, der die Augen verdreht: "Danke für die Einladung".>> Zu den Entwicklungen vor dem 18.03.2020 geht es hier >> Zu den Entwicklungen vor dem 22.03.2020 geht es hier >> Zu den Entwicklungen vor dem 27.03.2020 geht es hier >> Zu den Entwicklungen vor dem 01.04.2020 geht es hier >> Zu den Entwicklungen vor dem 05.04.2020 geht es hier

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