Tales from the Loop Trailer

  Amazon Prime Video Image for Tales from the Loop

The story of Tales from the Loop Trailer: Tales from the Loop explores the city and the breathtaking adventures of the people who live above the “Loop”, a machine built to decipher and explore the secrets of the universe – and that makes things that were previously reserved for science fiction possible. In this fantastic, mysterious city, poignant human stories are told that reveal universal emotional experiences while drawing on the fascination of dystopia. Actors: Rebecca Hall, Paul Schneider, Daniel Zolghadri
Background: Amazon Prime Video takes you into the adventurous, fantastic life of the people who live above the "loop". The Amazon Original series Tales from the Loop starts on April 3 and all eight episodes are available exclusively for streaming in Prime Video in the original English version and the German dubbed version. The visually impressive drama series is based on the celebrated and unique retrofuturistic art by the Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, making it the first series in history to be adapted from digital paintings. The cast includes Rebecca Hall (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​The Town – City Without Mercy), Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation), Daniel Zolghadri (Eighth Grade), Duncan Joiner (Waco) and Jonathan Pryce (The Two Popes, Game of Thrones ).

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