Wine recommendations: Wine tips for spring

Pasta and toilet paper provide only limited consolation over the unfortunately necessary social isolation. Of course, alcohol is also not a solution. But there should be a little shine in the hut. Buy flowers and a decent wine. A guilty conscience is not necessary: ​​Wine is grown too much anyway – and record quantities were harvested in Germany in 2018.
Neither desolate bulk wines nor exceptional wines are in demand now, the latter is better kept for post-Corona times in a happy round. Now is the time for reliable companions who convey that life goes on, in spite of everything. Unless otherwise stated, the recommended wines are dry. If you do not get exactly the same vintage, this is not a problem. Comfort Wines In American there is the term "comfort food": dishes filled with positive memories and associations. The Chianti Classico is a comfort wine. This red from Tuscany contains sun, strength, but also a tart beauty. Italy longing in the glass. It is available as Annata (vintage wine), Riserva and Gran Selezione. The handle now goes to Annata, the basis of the price and quality pyramid. You can buy almost anything there. For example the 2015 Chianti Classico Tenuta Sant’Alfonso by Rocca delle Macìe. He dresses the Sangiovese grape variety in beautiful wooden barrel notes. The 2013 Casaloste with berry fruit and spice is also good.
What ripens in the cellars of the Episcopal wineries in Trier is predestined to overlook the here and now. The huge wine cellar dates back to Roman times. Of course, it is not enough to think in historical dimensions. The wine has to taste good. The clergy see it no differently: the list of its locations on the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer reads like the hit parade of the growing region. The powerful 2015 Pinot Blanc "Pinot Blanc" provides timeless comfort and a creamy mouthfeel. Episcopal Rieslings are plentiful. The smoky-spicy 2016 Ayler Kupp Spätlese fine-dry stands out and is another recommendation for your wine rack.
You arrived at the pasta shelf too late? No panic! Vegetables are healthier anyway and not in short supply. In addition to winter and greenhouse vegetables, the first asparagus spears are already on display. Silvaner is generally suitable for vegetable dishes. With its vegetable aromas and mild acidity, it doesn't just harmonize with asparagus. But leave the bulk goods advertised as "asparagus wine" on the left. With spice and a good backbone, the 2017 Silvaner Alte Reben Randersackerer Marsberg from the Schmitt’s Kinder winery is recommended instead. The 2017 Thüngersheimer Johannisberg from the Franconian Bickel-Stumpf winery offers a somewhat wild bouquet with great coherence on the palate.
If the daily topics were tiring again and no one is there for the good night kiss, a bed candy might help. Small and sweet, it reconciles you halfway with the world, so that you can sleep well. The 2018 Riesling Erbacher Michelmark is described by the Rheingau winery in Oetinger as "sweet first location", sometimes "mild" in retail. In any case, it tastes good, with its bell-clear minerality makes you want spring and consoles you that we may not be able to enjoy the season as usual.
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