Marvel films finally have new German theatrical releases

 The postponements due to the Corona crisis keep us on our toes. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular, many films have to be coordinated and future releases well planned. Now there are the first new start dates for Germany. If production from the MCU were to be mixed up, this would trigger a chain reaction. Regardless of the corona pandemic, this is no easy task. Therefore, planning the associated films is not an easy task for distributors. Fortunately, the existing dates go into the next few years so that postponements can be changed more easily.
After many new US launches were announced last week, we have fresh data for Germany. Disney plans to send its Marvel superheroes back onto the big screen this fall. Black Widow will start on October 28, 2020, followed by Shang-Chi on April 29, 2021. Thor 4, on the other hand, will only be seen from February 10, 2022. Doctor Strange 2 has been pushed even further back. The original title is Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and is set to start the magician's solo adventure on March 24, 2022. Usually there is more time between two Marvel blockbusters, probably we will because there are still changes.
Thanks to an agreement between the distributors Disney and Sony Pictures, the Spider-Man films are also part of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. New German theatrical releases were also released there. Spider-Man 3 is scheduled to start operations on October 28, 2021. Pretty much a year later comes the sequel A New Universe 2, more precisely on October 13, 2022. You will also read the next postponements in the theaters with us. In the video player we are now showing you the trailer for the upcoming highlight Black Widow.

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