Abitur tasks too difficult: Bremen raises math grades by two points

Some of the high school graduates in Bremen can be happy: Because the grade average for the exams in mathematics this year is worse than usual, the Bremen education authority raises the grades by two points each. The tasks from the central high school pool of the federal states were apparently "very difficult because of the structure and comprehensibility of the texts," said school senator Claudia Bogedan in a statement on Monday.

"We assume that it is less a corona-related phenomenon than the severity of the tasks," said the SPD politician. In many other federal states, these tasks were either not selected or linguistically significantly modified. The requirement that the central tasks of the Berlin Institute for Education (IQB) will be taken nationwide in all countries from the coming school year will therefore be suspended.

In the past week, Saxony had already raised the Abitur grades in mathematics by one point each. A survey among high schools had shown that the grade average in the advanced course was 0.6 points lower than in the previous year, the Ministry of Culture had justified the step. According to the ministry, the assigned tasks basically corresponded to the Saxon curriculum. However, in some tasks, the knowledge acquired had to be applied to new and unknown issues.

Protests also in Berlin There were also protests in Berlin this year because of the scope and the difficulty of the math tasks in the Abi, reports the "Tagesspiegel". Teachers would have complained that the tasks would not have been possible in terms of time – an accusation that had already been raised in 2019. Faulty and misleading math tasks were also given. Education senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) now wants to investigate the complaints, according to the report, Bremen had already raised the math grades last year. Together with culture ministers from other federal states, she asked the IQB to act at the time, said Claudia Bogedan. So far, nothing has happened there, she criticized. The topic had to be discussed further, the math tasks had to be adjusted more consistently and mixed more with own tasks. There should also be a stronger exchange between the federal states.

One thing is clear, however, says Bogedan: the subsequent improvement of grades remains an absolute exception. "There will be no flat-rate increase in high school grades or in other subjects," said the senator.
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