Rock Hard – "Painted In Blood" exhibition coming Friday in the Turock


06/29/2020, 12:56

The exhibition "Painted In Blood" by the artists Thomas Ewerhard, Björn Gooßes and Jan Meininghaus will start next Friday at 7 p.m. for a total of four weeks in the Turock in Essen.

After concerts and disco evenings at the Turock in Essen are still not allowed to take place due to the corona pandemic, the club can now realize a different kind of event: The exhibition "Painted In Blood" will start next Friday at 7:00 pm. The works of the artists Thomas Ewerhard (AVANTASIA, VOLBEAT, AMON AMARTH, DORO, EDGUY, SPOCK'S BEARD, THRESHOLD), Björn Gooßes (DEW-SCENTED, MESSIAH, BONDED) and Jan Meininghaus (KREATOR, BOLT THROWER, OVERKILL) in the Turock, who have already created countless cover works, T-shirts and posters. After the opening on July 3, 2020 at 7:00 p.m., the "Painted In Blood" exhibition will run for a total of four weeks, which is admission free.

Author: Simon Bauer

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