Great Britain: Boris Johnson gives his brother space in the House of Lords

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to give his brother Jo a seat in the British House of Lords. The former Minister of State is on a list of 36 House of Lords nominations released by the London government on Friday.

Among the 36 future lords is Philip May, husband of Johnson's predecessor Theresa May. He is also appointed a knight "for political merit". The long-time chairman of the lower house, John Bercow, is not among the nominees. He is the first "speaker" in more than two centuries to whom this honor is not granted. Bercow has consistently disagreed with allegations of bullying and harassment, and opposition politicians have sharply criticized the government's nomination list. Scottish National Party MP Pete Wishart accused Premier Johnson of "the worst kind of nepotism". He provided "friends and those who did him a favor" with life jobs.

House of Lords keeps growing The House of Lords will now have more than 800 members. House spokesman Peter Fowler described the list as a "missed opportunity". He had recommended that his chamber be reduced to a maximum of 600 members. The upper house has been overcrowded for years. The dignitaries may resign or retire, but otherwise retain their posts for life. In the two-chamber system of the British Parliament, it is the Lords in the House of Lords to review the laws passed by the House of Commons and, if necessary, recommend changes. The state uses the expertise and experience of former top officials, ministers and managers.
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