Rock Hard – SEVENDUST: "Blood & Stone" album released in October


07/31/2020, 16:31

SEVENDUST will be back on October 23 with their new longplayer "Blood & Stone".

The SEVENDUST record was recorded again in the Barbarosa studio in Florida and produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette. Fittingly, the 13th studio record of the US combo from Atlanta will also contain 13 songs. The "Blood & Stone" tracklist: 01. Dying To Live 02. Love 03. Blood From A Stone 04. Feel Like Going On 05. What You've Become06. Kill Me07. Nothing Left To See Here Anymore08. Desperation09. Criminal10. Against The World11. Alone12. Wish You Well 13. The Day I Tried To Live


Author: Alexandra Michels

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