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BVB-Star has soccer field on the roof

The coronavirus strangles the entire globe. Professional football is also feeling the far-reaching protective measures – several events have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19. follows the latest developments related to the Corona crisis in the live blog. FIFA creates clarityEx-BVB-Star wants to save "Herzensklub" England's professionals show willingness to compromise Does Sky

Tyler Rake: Extraction Trailer – FILM.TV

  Netflix image for Tyler Rake: Extraction The story of Tyler Rake: Extraction Trailer: Tyler Rake is a fearless mercenary who has nothing left to lose and also takes on illegal jobs. With a new order, he is supposed to free the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international gang boss. In the criminal world of gun

Rock Hard – WOLFHEART: 'The Hammer' music video is online

News 04/07/2020, 18:16 WOLFHEART present their new single 'The Hammer' in the accompanying music video. The album "Wolves Of Karelia" will be released next Friday. In their brand new video clip for the song 'The Hammer', WOLFHEART present the next single of their upcoming longplayer "Wolves Of Karelia". See the music video below. The new

Straw fire on Wall Street ?: Slight losses follow huge profits

              In the meantime, it looks as if the US stock markets are still making strong profits on the second trading day of the week. But they cannot keep their daily highs, in the end they even close in the red. Only leisure and tourism values ​​continue to grow.               The US stock markets closed slightly in

Chelsea talents better than BVB flirting Bellingham

BVB is said to have won the battle for the next great talent from England. According to "Sport Bild" the change from Jude Bellingham to Borussia Dortmund is already perfect. However, other sources contradict this report. One thing is clear: the black and yellow are not the only interested parties. What is the current status