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Rock Hard – WEAPONS OF ANEW: Chad Szeliga joins as drummer

News 03.08.2020, 12:27 WEAPONS OF ANEW have confirmed Chad Szeliga (BLACK STAR RIDERS, ex-BREAKING BENJAMIN, ex-BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) as their new drummer. He replaces Chris Manfre, who wants to concentrate on his family in the future. WEAPONS OF ANEW guitarist Freddy Ordine reports on the search for drummers: "We turned every stone over. We invited

Israel fends off two attacks on borders with Syria and Gaza

The Israeli military claims to have thwarted an explosive attack on the Syrian border and attacked targets in the Palestinian territory after rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. On the northern Golan Heights, soldiers observed a group attempting to place explosives at an unoccupied military post near the security fence, Monday night, according to the

Movies soon to be streamed less than three weeks later

Published 03.08.2020 08:49 The corona pandemic has changed many areas of the entertainment industry. Cinemas also suffered a lot from the crisis and had to put up with numerous losses. A new plan could soon drive more people into the home theater instead of in front of the screens. Many big films will soon be

The history of the garage: 100 years of the men's room

The inventor of the automobile is said to have been a gambler. At least within your own four walls. Carl Benz liked to play cards with his two sons, says Johannes Schnurr from the Daimler and Benz Foundation. Much to the displeasure of his wife Bertha. Schnurr and her husband therefore banished them to the