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Because of dealing with Trump posts: Facebook employees angry with Zuckerberg

              For the first time, his favorite medium, Twitter, takes action against contentiously controversial statements by Donald Trump, while Facebook, on the other hand, allows the US President to propagate messages that glorify violence. That makes employees of the company angry.               Facebook employees publicly criticize founder Mark Zuckerberg's decision, unlike Twitter, not to take action against

Gaga: Five Foot Two Trailer

Netflix picture of Gaga: Five Foot Two The story of Gaga: Five Foot Two Trailer: pop icon Lady Gaga releases a new album, prepares for her Super Bowl half-time appearance and faces physical and psychological challenges.Actors: Lady Gaga, Bobby Campbell, Mark Ronson, Florence Welch, Donatella Versace, Joe Germanotta, Barbara Bush, Tony Bennett, George HW Bush

A remarkable gesture: Liverpool FC is on its knees

              Liverpool FC sends a strong signal against racism and police violence in the USA: Before the start of training, the entire team of the Premier League leader on Anfield Road on the center circle is on its knees. Several footballers had also positioned themselves clearly in the Bundesliga.               Premier League leader Liverpool FC has sent

"If he had a brain …"

The NBA coach and trainer for the US Olympic selection, Gregg Popovich, has sharply criticized US President Donald Trump for his behavior in the days of the protest and offended. "He's not just divisive. He's a destroyer. Being in his presence makes you die," Popovich told The Nation magazine, calling Trump a "mental idiot." "I

Space Force Series: Criticism of Season 1

 "The Office" and its star Steve Carell became an icon for the meme culture. The series creators turned to "Space Force" after the recently launched "Upload" series of a new comedy. Finally four stars. Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) is a highly decorated general of the U.S. Armed Forces. He has been dreaming of leading